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Yoga | Meditation | Wellness

Hello friends!


Whether you’re looking for a regular vinyasa practice, flexibility, deep relaxation or simply looking for an inclusive group activity, I can help you!


I teach yoga, meditation and stress reduction techniques or all levels - so you know when you come to a class you’re in a space where you can let go of stressors and finally take a deep breath. 


I believe in the power of community and the power of positive habits! I’m here to support you on your wellness journey however that may look. 

I encourage students to listen to their bodies, explore their limits, and celebrate themselves. Most importantly I encourage students to release judgement, practice present body awareness with gratitude, acceptance and loving kindness - and have FUN! 


Reclaiming the Moment 

Self-paced meditations to practice any time, anywhere.

Can be done in any order.


1-Minute Meditation


00:00 / 01:01
Red Blossom

3-Minute Meditation

Affirmations for Balance

00:00 / 03:07
Dandelion Seeds

1-Minute Meditation

Body Awareness

00:00 / 01:01
Orange Shadow

4-Minute Meditation

Affirmations for Self-Image

00:00 / 04:02
Paper Heart

1-Minute Meditation

Body Relax

00:00 / 01:03

5-Minute Meditation


00:00 / 05:40


Customizable for YOU

Yoga Class

Group Session

Community Connection

  • Large or small tailored group classes for all occasions.

  • Bachelorette classes to spoil the bride-to-be and her guests.

  • Outdoor yoga classes for community or sporting events.

  • Corporate/team building classes

  • Teacher hire for guests at your holiday/event venue.

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Yoga Mats

Private Session

Take time for YOU

The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice and body. The focus is on mindfulness and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body.

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Yoga in the Park

Bringing YOU Community & Laughter

Yoga in the park was inspired during COVID when we couldn't gather indoors. Community is so important for our health, and the fresh air of the outdoors doesn't hurt either when taking deep breaths!

Join In

Upcoming Events

  • Ragnar Relay
    Ragnar Relay
    Tue, Aug 19
    Mt. Bachelor
    Aug 19, 2025, 8:00 AM – Aug 20, 2025, 5:00 PM
    Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon
    Aug 19, 2025, 8:00 AM – Aug 20, 2025, 5:00 PM
    Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon
    Don’t Miss Out
  • Yoga in the Park
    Yoga in the Park
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Bend, 800 NE 6th St, Bend, OR 97701, USA
    Time is TBD
    Bend, 800 NE 6th St, Bend, OR 97701, USA
    Roving outdoor yoga to bring together community and foster laughter & joy into your day!

Kayla Wright

Yoga found me roughly a decade ago during a time of much needed help to move through anxiety, depression and fear. With regular practice, I noticed a lessening of tension, more clarity of mind and a deeper connection to my body. This sparked a never-ending curiosity to explore the ancient teachings further. 


I teach from a desire to offer anyone who steps onto the mat a safe space to go into the body and the mind - and find their own unique, beautiful connection to Self.  

In my personal practice, I have always been drawn to the more gentle, quiet practices of Yin and Restorative yoga. It is Restorative yoga in particular that was the real game changer for me, and I am a huge advocate for rest in our fast-paced, always switched-on world. This is why I have dedicated my time to embody these gentler practices.

We all need time and space to allow our nervous system to re-set. In my classes you can expect me to hold space for you to rest and receive with a focus on feeling grounded, connecting to the breath, and creating spaciousness in the mind and body. Simply put, finally a chance to take a deep breath.

I am truly grateful to be able to share this practice with others and I can’t wait to create some magic with you on the mat!


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